February 28, 2020


We strive to accomodate all of our customers’ IT-related needs.

This is just a brief list of services that we offer:

IT Services

Help-desk Support

Zelko Solutions should be the first call you make when something technology-related goes wrong.  We are here to field your calls 24×7.  If we can’t take care of your problem remotely, we will have someone on staff expediently to resolve your issues.  A study by Pepperdine shows that a company that experiences an outage of 10 days will never financially recover and 50%  will be out of business in 5 years. Click here for the article.

IT Deptartment Outsourcing

We have the staff to take on all of the responsibilities of your IT department.  Letting us handle your IT needs, saves you money on staffing costs.  Zelko Solutions offers flexible plans to fit your budget and IT support needs.

Server Support

With today’s software requiring more processing power and backend support, servers are becoming commonplace in every size business.  They do, however, require expertise to maintain.  At Zelko Solutions, we offer either remote or on-site support for all of your server needs.

Workstation Upkeep, Repair, and Maintenance

Having all of your computers running at peak capacity increases your business productivity.   When your workstations slow down or fail altogether, you need someone who is capable of getting them back up to par ASAP.  Zelko Solutions will troubleshoot, repair, or replace your workstations quickly, with minimal impact to your workflow.

Data Backup Services

Data is the most important part of any business.  Whether it’s invoices or customer lists, your data needs to be protected.  If a company experiences a data loss, it can be financially detrimental.  Zelko Solutions offers different services to protect your data and recover it quickly.

Web Services

Web/Graphic Design

Zelko Solutions has the ability to design and build a website for any application and price range.  We can either build a fully custom site from the ground up or use a customized framework to save time and money for our clients.  In addition to a website, we can create a full package consisting of a logo, business cards, letterhead, printed material or whatever else is desired.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become extremely competitive with every company promising the world to their clients.  At Zelko Solutions, we take a slightly different approach to advertising: we set realistic expectations and deliver results every time.  Every campaign is tailored for the needs of our clients.

Web Hosting

We are able to provide hosting for even the most demanding of applications.  Zelko Solutions has packages to fit every situation.  We can guarantee 99.9% uptime on our servers.

Domain Registration

Everyone should have a presence on the internet.  Zelko Solutions makes the process extremely simple for you by taking the hassle out of registering and maintaining a domain.  We deal with the registrars and maintain the nameservers.

Email Setup and Maintenance

Setting up a domain and website is only half of the equation, the rest is managing your online presence.  We can create custom email accounts at your domain for everyone in your organization.  Zelko Solutions can also host a custom Microsoft Exchange or SendMail server for your company.

Offsite Storage

Companies amass large amounts of data during the course of business.  By storing your data offsite, you minimize the risk of a disaster destroying the primary and backup data.  Zelko Solutions works with several vendors to make sure your data is fully protected.


Network Installation and Maintenance

Zelko Solutions has the expertise to take your network from the drawing board to realization in a timely fashion.  We will still be there for you once your network is running to solve any issues that may arise.

Network Security

It’s a fact that in today’s world, threats exist and can attack anyone using a computer.  They can come from the most innocuous of places and be launched unintentionally, but once something invades your network, it needs to be dealt with professionally.  Zelko Solutions can provide proactive protection and well as reactive resolutions to secure your network and workstations.

Cisco Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Zelko Solutions has Cisco certified technicians on staff to install and maintain Cisco equipment.  The majority of all network traffic passes through Cisco equipment.  However, maintaining that equipment requires specific knowledge and tools.  We can help you with your Cisco equipment.

Data Recovery

In the event of a disaster or data loss, the quicker your information can be recovered, the faster your business can resume productivity.  Zelko Solutions will attempt to recover your data with advanced forensic technology and software.


Anti-Virus Installation and Maintenance

We will install antivirus and anti-malware software onto all of the workstations on your network. If a workstation should get infected, we will quarantine and fix it.  Unusable workstations are lost productivity for your company; we will get you back up and running quickly.

Software Installation

Companies are always looking for increased productivity and new software is one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal.  Zelko Solutions will do software rollouts, keep software updated, and troubleshoot your software issues.

Windows/Linux/Mac OS Support

Zelko Solutions has service engineers that are well versed in any operating system.  We can provide support for your systems regardless of what OS you choose.

… and much more.

We want to be your one-stop shop. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!